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Tips for Relaxation

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Ada Sailing Shares its Top 10 Tips for Relaxation 

There’s no time like to present to put a bookmark in your busy life and take up the art of relaxation. It does a body good to relax, decompress and reset your emotional and physical well-being. In fact, relaxing on a regular basis comes with essential benefits for a well-balanced lifestyle.  

•    Lowers blood pressure and the chance of stroke or heart-related conditions
•    Decreases mood swings and irritability
•    Reduces the risk of depression
•    Quickens mental recall

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2016-07-04 00:00:00

Puerto Vallarta’s Famous Sunsets

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Enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s Famous Sunsets Maya-Style

The Maya believed the elements – sunshine, rain, droughts and hurricanes – were direct effects of the gods of nature. Only these powerful beings could bring about such drastic changes in seasons and weather conditions. 

The Maya priests observed the daily journeys of the sun, moon, planets and stars, knowing that their patterns impacted the existence of the Maya people. 

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