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We are delighted to welcome you to Ada Sailing. Our sailing tour company has been a success thanks to our Ada Sailing Crew. It’s made up of an amazing captain, first mate and remarkable crew members. Together, we share our dream of taking to the world’s most beautiful bay season after season.


 Crew Mate AndreaAndie

Although we call her a Crew Mate, Andrea is really a “Jill of All Trades.” She is not only my beloved daughter, but she is the Ada Sailing concierge,chef, booking agent, customer service representative, photographer, marketing wizard and social media manager.

As an instrumental part of building the company, adding new services—and often new menu items—Andrea loves sharing the entire Ada Sailing experience with new and returning guests from around the world. She believes every day is a gift of new experiences. The water, the skyline, the smiles on faces of those trying her latest cuisine creations, and even turning off the motor to enjoy the salty air and refreshing breezes holds a certain kind of appeal for Andrea.

When asked what her favorite destination in the Banderas Bay is, she offers two: The north for a day of motor-free sailing in the winter; and the south for its endless water activities in the summer.

Crew Mate Alma

Almas-working-at-teh-boat Alma, the newest member to Ada Sailing, is a mother of two kids, and now a huge fan of being on the Banderas Bay in a sailboat. Her favorite destination is the beautiful Marietas Islands.

Alma is the Crew Mate who’s in charge of the Ada kitchen. Her specialty is the Ada Sailing vegan menu, but she also serves up tasty desserts and drinks. When she’s not treating guests to first-class service aboard Ada, Crew Mate Alma is developing her handicraft business. In fact, you can enjoy her brilliant work with our embellished “thank you for joining us” bookmarkers.  


So, thank you for being a part of our journey. We appreciate your support, kind words and TripAdvisor testimonials. (In fact, at the beginning of the 2014-2015 season, we were ranked #28. And now, just 4 months later, we’re #13! We couldn’t have done it without you.)

With endless gratitude,

The Ada Sailing Team

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