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Puerto Vallarta’s Famous Sunsets

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Enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s Famous Sunsets Maya-Style

The Maya believed the elements – sunshine, rain, droughts and hurricanes – were direct effects of the gods of nature. Only these powerful beings could bring about such drastic changes in seasons and weather conditions. 

The Maya priests observed the daily journeys of the sun, moon, planets and stars, knowing that their patterns impacted the existence of the Maya people. 

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2015-10-06 20:42:37

In The Kitchen with Ada Sailing

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In the Kitchen with Ada Sailing: Orange-Brandy Shrimp

 One of our favorite things about sharing the Banderas Bay with our guests is serving up delectable, first-class Ada Sailing fare.

From Red Snapper to our classic Empanadas Argentina, we have a great spread of gastronomical goodies for food lovers. We always get rave reviews, many of which are asking for the recipes.

That’s why we’re heading to the kitchen to bring you one of our most requested recipes: Ada Sailing’s Orange-Brandy Shrimp. So grab your eco-shopping bag and scoop up the freshest, seasonal ingredients from your local market because tonight, you’re in for a real treat! 


2015-06-03 18:13:59