Q: What is the difference between your northern trips and southern trips?

Northbound Trips – Peaceful and scenic, our northern trips in the Banderas Bay are more about the journey. We cruise along the Vallarta shores and are often able to turn off the motor and enjoying the experience of sailing. We’re also more likely to see whales during whale watching season. Please note that while snorkeling is hit-or-miss on these tours, you’ll love the relaxation of sailing on the water and lounging at the beach.

Southbound Trips – Our southern trips are more about fun activities, such as snorkeling and kayaking. The opportunity to sail is not as great as with the northbound trips — largely due to “booze cruises” that frequent the areas we visit — but the snorkeling and scenery of Puerto Vallarta more than make up for this.

Please note that swimming, sunbathing and beach time can be included in both our northbound and southbound trips.