Q: What is the weather like in Puerto Vallarta?

The weather is always changing in this tropical location. Below is what can be expected throughout the year:

  • January–March: 70s °F (21–26 °C) with a little rain during the day; 60s °F (15–20 °C) in the evening
  • April–June: 70s °F (21–26 °C) and 80s °F (26–32 °C)
  • July–September: 80s °F (26–32 °C) with brief bursts of rain
  • October–December: Mid-70s °F (21–26 °C) and high 80s °F (26–32 °C)

Please note that postponements or full refunds are only offered if we have a tropical storm, the harbormaster declares that all vessels dock or we have mechanical issues, which are very rare.