Soak up the sun and indulge in the sights aboard our luxurious 45-foot ketch sailboat, Ada! You'll sail in comfort, enjoying our first-class signature service and 100+ years of expertise from our friendly, bilingual crew. Choose from any of our nine private or public charter tours, each with customizable activities, signature flavors and unforgettable experiences. We invite you to relax, discover and reconnect today with Ada Sailing!


Ada Tours

  • Indulge in first-class sailing with this relaxing, north-bound tour. Fully customizable with kayaking, snorkeling, a secluded beach and more.

    4-Hour or 6-Hour Tour

    Gourmet dining | Premium beverages

  • Just as luxurious as our VIP “5-Star Service” Sail, but more about the journey. Select a relaxing sail or beach play at Playa Piedra Blanca.

    4-Hour or 6-Hour Tour

    Gourmet dining | Premium Beverages

  • Enjoy the exclusivity of a private tour, but by purchasing individual tickets. Perfect for singles, couples and small groups.

    Gourmet dining | Premium beverages

  • Capture the romance of Puerto Vallarta's famous skyline and sunset during this smooth-sailing adventure.

  • Snuggle in with a loved one and enjoy the beauty of Vallarta's famous sunset from the comfort of our 45-foot ketch sailboat.

  • Get a first-class, front row seat as Humpback Whales twirl, lob and flip! Dolphins, turtles and manta rays may also entertain. (12/15 – 3/15)

    Snacks | Non-alcoholic beverages

  • Explore the best of Banderas Bay: snorkeling at a marine reserve, exploring a beach side hideaway, sightseeing in an indigenous fishing village or traveling to a remote cove.

    Gourmet dining | Premium beverages

  • Head out on a first-class “surf-n- turf” adventure: Los Arcos (the celebrated marine reserve) for snorkeling and Playa Colomitos for sunbathing on secluded shores.

    Gourmet dining | Non-alcoholic drinks & beer

  • Explore the legendary and volcanic Marietas Island made famous by oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau. Explore a hidden beach, play in the water, kayak and snorkel.

    Gourmet dining | Non-alcoholic drinks & beer

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