Puerto Vallarta Famous Sunsets

Enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s Famous Sunsets Maya-Style


        The Maya believed the elements – sunshine, rain, droughts and hurricanes – were direct effects of the gods of nature. Only these powerful beings could bring about such drastic changes in seasons and weather conditions. 

        The Maya priests observed the daily journeys of the sun, moon, planets and stars, knowing that their patterns impacted the existence of the Maya people. 

        Today we continue to observe the elements and celestial bodies. Perhaps not in the same way as the Maya, but we do pay attention to the appearance and disappearance of the sun, moon, plants and stars. 

        This is particularly true when it comes to admiring the sun as it casts jewel-toned colors across the sky. When it slowly descends to the horizon, the setting sun soothes away the stress and busyness of the day. In fact some therapists use sunset therapy for their patients to naturally…

  • Relax the mind and body
  • Improve mental health 
  • Strengthen the immune system 
  • Reduce muscle tension 
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Decrease stress and anxiety 

Now add a rolling ocean. The smell of salt in the air. A soft breeze across your cheeks. 

It’s a full-on, blow-your-mind package of WOW!  

And it is what we offer our Ada Sailing guests – a front row seat to one of nature’s most spectacular events. 

We recognize that travelers from all over the world come to see Puerto Vallarta’s famous sunsets night after night. And what could be a better way to experience it than aboard our Sunset Sailing Tour

This deluxe Ada Sailing tour means a cocktail in hand, billowing sails, and 3 hours of pure ecstasy aboard our 45-foot ketch sailboat. 

We will glide by the city lights as they awaken Vallarta’s skyline and watch as palm trees sway against the jagged foothills. (Trust us. It’ll blow your mind!)

As you gaze out across the Pacific Ocean, you will marvel at the wonder of nature. Vibrant pinks and purples will splash across the evening sky, but be sure to keep your eyes out for the famous “green flash” just before the sun makes a final bow. 

Meanwhile, our Ada Sailing chef will prepare an assortment of 4 appetizers guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating tastes. Then comes an Ada Cuisine entrée of your choice. (Can you say scrumptious?) Of course a full selection of beverages is available our premium open bar.

Think of the Sunset Sail as the quintessential “dinner and a show.”

With breathtaking views, our Sunset Sailing Tour is not only fun for the whole family. It’s also a pretty magical evening for the love of your life. Give your special someone a perfect beginning to a romantic evening. 

Sail away with us and capture the romance of one of Puerto Vallarta’s must-experience journeys.

Relax in the power of nature as the Maya did centuries ago. Capture the relaxation and romance of one of nature’s most spectacular events. 

Contact us today and receive the personalized service you've come to expect from the Banderas Bay’s favorite sailing company.